Wednesday, 19 March 2014

"Tennen Hiking course" Kamakura Kanagawa

The longest hiking course in Kamakura where is the historical city near Tokyo.
 You can see many beautiful views from the mountain.
The fall is the most lovely time to see colourful leaves.
A bit mountainous.
6 km + alpa

How to get there
Tokyo sta.-JR Yokosuka line-Kitakamakura sta. about less than 1 hour
When you arrived Kitakamakura sta, you need across the rail before go out station.

Where to eat
around Kitakamakura sta or Komachi dori(end of this hiking)

In March when weather was pretty, I`ve been to Tennenn Hiking course.
I`ve arrived Kitakamakura sta at 1 pm. I was very hungry and I decided to try Japanese traditional vegan food.

(Hachinoki Kitakamakura branch 鉢の木 北鎌倉店

They are beautiful aren`t they? Taste is also amazing you can`t believe they don`t use any meats and fish.
They are a bit expensive but you will get great experience there!

After eating my lunch it was already 2:30 :( 
I started my hiking. 
This hiking is started from Kenchogi temple(建長寺). From Kitakamakura sta, you can get this temple, walking by the small river then across the rail and going straight then you can see above gate:)

I paid entrance fee(300yen) then enter this temple.This temple is very old and beautiful if you have time you can see around. But me, I didn`t have time so I just pass them and concentrate my hiking and reached Hanzoubo(半蔵坊).

Oh god, I really dislike steps! It makes me tired! 
I was exhausted but I saw this beautiful landscape from the top :)
Thank you good weather I can also see the Mt. Fuji.
Here is nice place for break :)

After a short rest, the forest roads were started.

How lovely they are!
I love this kind of roads. 
Serene and fresh!
I was so refresh!

You can also see Yokohama from some points.

Suddenly I can find a building and it was golf place. 
Near there, you can buy drinks and also some shops available(if you are there in peak season).
I bought a bottle of tea and it gave me energy :)

After this place, downhills were started. I really care to my feet because it is more scary but less tired:P

Then I passed Zuisenji and finished forest roads.
After forest road, road is a bit hard because less information poll.
So I recommend to use your smartphone to get next place Kamakuramiya.
It is not far but I lost my confidence :(
Although it is normal road, you can see lovely Japanese town.
So not very bad.

Kamakuramiya has very big Torii(a red gateway for gods)
Here is a end of this hiking course but I decided to walk to Kamakura sta.
It is not far and I can also get Tsurugaoka Hachimangu (the most popular temple in Kamakura) and enjoy shopping in Komachi dori.
If you want to do it like me, please check your map. You can find it is possible.

On balance, this hiking course is nice. I got lovely views, nice distance and had a lovely foods!
I will come again in the fall.